The goal is to unify the church body, through impartation of knowledge, experience and wisdom. This will be done 2 times a year in it’s entirety, with 22 classes and 2 retreat/mini-conferences offered through the process. Together – The goal is to unify the church body, through impartation of knowledge, experience and wisdom. This will be done 2 times a year in it’s entirety, with 22 classes and 2 retreat/mini-conferences offered through the process.

Those interested in the course, will be given a card that they can carry with them to take the courses throughout the year. Completed cards will result in a certificate during a celebratory service, along with some sort of gift, such as a t-shirt, gift card, bible, etc.

Ephesians 4:12 NIV

to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up

Class descriptions & summary

Spiritual Encounter

Starts with spiritual encounter. This is a 2 day moment. It may be as a retreat/conference, or may be in a hotel ballroom locally. The “Encounter” will be with God, yourself and those in attendance with you.
Cost: Varies and will include printed material, meals & snacks. Estimated $25
Friday night from 7:00pm — 10:00pm

This will start off with a welcome, then a time of prayer & worship. It will be explained to those in attendance, that we would encourage them not to share what happens here, because each encounter will be unique and we want them to have their own personal encounter, with no preconceived ideas on what to expect.

Salvation,  Forgiveness, Identity & Cleansing

SalvationThe goal is the teach a deeper level on the salvation of Jesus. To have a mixture of sermons, videos, discussions and books about how Jesus died on the cross for them. Referencing both old & new testament scriptures, as well as deeper understanding on the following.

Redemption, Ransom, Sacrifice & BloodOffering

Show clips of Passion of The Christ. ⁃ Scene when Jesus is whipped ⁃ The moment on the cross
Brief discussion on what Jesus did, followed up with a call for salvation, in which a salvation prayer will be given.
ForgivenessForgiveness is big to resolve. There will be a brief sermon from the Pastor, talking about forgiveness and what Jesus did fro forgive us. In addition, there will be a discussion on forgiving others and forgiving ourselves.

Self Esteem/Identity

The day will start of with the touch of the Master video. The purpose of this session will have to do with our heavenly identity, which is established in Christ Jesus. How we are made in the likeness & image of God Himself and the importance of every believer to know who they are in Christ.


Each class will be exactly 1 hour long and will end with the last 5 minutes having time for questions & answers. There will be 3 levels of classes and the requirement to take level 2 classes, would be that the individual would have completed level 1. Level 3, to level 2 and so on.  Level 1 classes may be attended by anyone, although the desire is that they first attend the spiritual encounter retreat first.

Level 1 Classes

Following are the level 1 classes, which focus on the basics of Christianity.

  1. Christianity 101. How to be a Christian (Salvation). Water Baptism & more.
  2. The Bible. What is the bibleWhy are there 66 books? Who’s the author? The names of God; their importance and meanings.
  3. Worship & intro to spiritual disciplines. Word, worship, prayer & fasting.
  4. Who We Are in Christ. Your created personality. Personality tests & 5 Love languages. Discussion on how we are uniquely created.
  5. Marriage, Divorce & Family. The importance of marriage, Holy Matrimony. What about divorce?
  6. Tithe, Offering & Money Management (pt. 1)
  7. Tithe, Offering & Money Management (pt. 2)
  8. The importance of the Church.

Level 2 Classes

Following are the level 2 classes, which focus on spiritual and serving aspects of Christianity.

Spiritual Gifting Retreat (LT)There will be a 2 day retreat on spiritual gifts at this point of the process. The cost will be minimal to the individual. Expected $15 to cover the cost of booklets, as well as snacks & food for the event.
There will be teaching on the gifts of the Spirit, fruits of the Sprit, along with a spiritual gifting test/evaluation. The goal of the meeting is to understand Galatians 5 (Fruits), as well as 1 Corinthians 12 + others (Gifts) and help individual evaluate where they are. The end will setup for the next day’s meeting of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Holy Spirit, Who is He? What is His role? Is He a person?
  2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Why it is important that we receive it.  What happens after I receive it. i.e. tongues, gifting, etc. What is Assemblies of God stance?
  3. Your commission, calling & anointing.
  4. Ministry & Leadership (pt.1 ) Requirements of leader. Commitment of a leader. Being a servant.
  5. Ministry & Leadership (pt.2 ) Becoming flexible. Having a good attitude. Leading according to heart of God.
  6. Becoming disciplined. Living a balanced lifestyle. 4 corners – Worship, the Word, Prayer & fasting. Order. God, family, church, work, etc.

Level 3 Classes

Following are the level 3 classes, which focus on discipleship, mentorship and becoming a Christian of action.

  1. Discipleship (Reach one, teach one) (pt. 1) Process of Discipleship. How to be a disciple  (Of Jesus & of others).
  2. Discipleship (Reach one, teach one) (pt. 2) How to disciples others. How to reproduce yourself.
  3. Being Fit for God. The importance of staying spiritually healthy. The importance of staying physically healthy.
  4. What does a good leader look like? (pt. 1) Obedience to Christ. Balanced lifestyle. Spiritually disciplined.
  5. What does a good leader look like? (pt. 2) Has relationship with God. Versed in the Word, Knows the Spirit of God.
  6. How to lead? Leaders lead others. What to be careful of.
  7. Taking Care of your finances
  8. Going into all the worldMatthew 28:19

Ending the 22 week training

At the end of the training, we will have a special service for everyone who completed the course. We will present them with a certificate, along with a gift from the church.
By the end of this course, individuals will be better aligned to the church vision, have been saved, educated, baptized in water, baptized in the Holy Spirit, have started to disciple others, have had a healthy tithing lifestyle and volunteered for outreaches and most likely a ministry of some sort.