This is about giving people an opportunity to express and exercise their gifting. The goal is to assist and help individuals grow within their gifting, as well as give them an opportunity to first use a gift. For instance, someone who has completed the Together classes, found out that they are scoring high with the gifts of healing. We want to create the ministry “moments” that would allow someone to go to a hospital and pray for the sick.

This approach will create moments like this, as well as others, giving individuals the opportunity to “flow” in the gifting that God has placed on their lives. In order to accomplish this, leadership will establish relationships with business owners, doctors, mayors and other leaders across the region, utilizing the relationships to set up the opportunities.

Note: This differs in its approach to ONE or outreach in general, in that it is more surgical in its approach. In essence they are outreaches, but they are very specific in what they will do & where they will happen.

Foundation Scripture : Mathew 28:19-20 NIV
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Action Moments

Working in conjunction with the completion of the Together strategy, the following action moments would be in place, for individuals to easily get involved with , as the effort to expand & grow their gifting is the focus. In addition, the desire to see the power of the Holy Spirit operating in and through individuals throughout the city & region.

Hospital Visit Teams & Days

This who have the gifts of healing, working of miracles and/or the gift of knowledge will be invited to visit hospitals and pray for people that are sick. This would all be pre-arranged with relationships to various hospitals, and care homes.

Street Ministry Teams & Days

Eventually, a once weekly team will go out through the city and pray for people. Those with the gift of evangelism, words of knowledge, faith and *prophecy will be invited to join the street ministry team, spreading the gospel, praying & prophesying to others.

Overnight Prayer Meetings

This who has the gift of faith and/or the gift of intercession will be invited to come and pray over the church, city, families and more at least once a month.

Church Ministry Teams

Teams of individuals who feel called to minister in church settings will be grouped and then sent to visit other campuses and/or churches to minister through preaching, music, altar ministry & prophecy. All dates will be pre-setup with other church prior to an open invitation.

Prophetic Training Days

There will be days in place to do “non-destructive” prophetic training, honing their gift withe exercises that aren’t geared at instruction, but rather hearing the voice of God. For example, individuals will be paired and then asked to seek God on what the others favorite color, scripture and something of significance that happened when they were in high school. There is no time limit, but a desire to hear God. Over time, leadership will recognize who is hearing clearly and thus allowing them to operate in their prophetic gifting more often.

Wisdom Sessions

Coordination of a day, time & place where those gifted with the gifts of wisdom, can discuss various needs of the church, as well as out friends in business and city leadership. This will give the gift of wisdom an opportunity to exercise the flow of wisdom through them.


An annual conference to allow those coming up through the teachings an opportunity to exercise their gifts and calling in an environment, geared towards helping, teaching & assisting others.